BISSELL Big Green Complete Home-Cleaning System 7700 Review

Today, I’m doing a comprehensive review of the BISSELL Big Green Complete Home-Cleaning System 7700. A canister steam machine that doesn’t exactly match its name. When I ordered it, I was expecting a machine that was big and well, green. Instead, what I received was big but it was more like gray with green accents. Anyway, regardless of its color I still have a job to do, so let’s give this not-so-little steam cleaner a review.

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked this steam machine was its size. It’s 54-inches long, 13-inches wide and 24-inches tall. And not only is is physically pretty big, but it is also kind of heavy—weighing in at almost 40 pounds. Thankfully, it has a good set of wheels on it, so I can push it all over the house. Or at least as far as the 18-foot power cord will allow me.

After reviewing the manual, I came across a pretty cool feature of this machine. It has a 3-stage filtration system. The water filter completely removes dust, the foam filter removes bigger particles and the HEPA filter filters the air as it leaves the machine. This really prevents dust from being kicked into the air. I guess, that makes this machine Eco-friendly.

The first test that I gave to the  BISSELL Big Green Complete Home-Cleaning System 7700 was my sealed hardwood floors. After letting them build up a bit of dust (as well as laying down some dirt on my own), I fired this canister steamer up and went to work. It easily picked up all of the dirt and grime from my hardwood floor and it didn’t leave the floor too wet either. I had similar results with it when I took it into my kitchen and tested it out on my linoleum floor. It quickly cleaned it and left it only slightly wet.

Up next, was the shag carpet in my bedroom. Using the attached head, I was able to power through the dirt. While this system doesn’t actually steam the carpets, it does raise the temperature of the water you put into it by about 25 degrees. All thanks to its built-in heater. Which means, while it may clean as well as a true steam cleaner, it doesn’t sanitize. In order to sanitize floors or carpets, you are going to have to use a cleaning solution.

What I really liked about this canister is that it can clean hard floors, carpets and just about everything else. It even cleaned the grout in my bathroom—which is no small feat. And while you’re cleaning, you don’t have to keep changing out the water because it has a pretty big 1 & 2/7 gallon tank.

However, there are a few negative things I experienced with this canister. The first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t have a latch on its water tank. Which means, in the unlikely event your machine gets turned over, you are going to have a huge mess on your hands. The second thing I didn’t like was the size of the wand. I felt like it was a little too small, like it was built for a smaller person. I would have liked it if it were a little bigger or could extend a bit.

Another thing I didn’t like about the BISSELL Big Green Complete Home-Cleaning System 7700 was the price. It was one of the most expensive systems out there and it didn’t even sanitize—although, I do have to say that it does do a good job of cleaning. All things considered, I think it’s a good system but a little expensive for my tastes.

7.4 Total Score

All things considered, I think it's a good system but a little expensive for my tastes.

Ease Of Use
  • Water-filtered vacuum system
  • HEPA filter
  • Long cord
  • Heavy
  • Wand isn't long enough
  • No latch on water tank
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