ProduTrend Miracle Steam Handheld Steam Cleaner

To be perfectly honest, I have never even heard of the company that makes the ProduTrend Miracle Steam Handheld Steam Cleaner, so I wasn’t in a big hurry to test it out. However, once I finished with some of the more familiar handheld cleaners, I decided to circle back to this one and see how well it worked. After all, how can I find the best handheld steam cleaner out there, if I don’t try out as many of them as possible? Which is why I decided to go ahead and review it.

This handheld is about 10x9x5.8-inches and weighs around 4.3-pounds or so. It’s a 1,050-watt system with a 10-foot power cord and 9 accessories. These accessories include a Straight nozzle, a fabric nozzle, a flexible hose, an angled nozzle, a round brush, a window cleaning part, a funnel, a measuring cup and a fabric nozzle cloth. So far, so good. Now, let’s fill it with water and see how it performs.

After I had everything unpacked and I was ready to go, I tried unscrewing the cap of this unit so I could add water to it and that is when I ran into my first problem. I found that the cap was very hard to unscrew and I ended up having to have my husband unscrew it for me. Not exactly the start I was hoping to have with this handheld steamer.

I then added the 175-ml of water (about 5.6 ounces) and let it warm up. It took about 3 minutes for it to heat up, which is about average for a handheld. I then took it around and tried it out on a number of different messes I had around the house. And I started with my bathroom.

When I got it to the bathroom, I then tried it on a variety of different surfaces. I cleaned my mirrors and the glass door to my shower and I cleaned my sinks. I then used it on my bathroom tile and on the grout. In all instances, it did a great job.

So I decided to take it on other projects around my house. I cleaned my stove, my BBQ grill, the vent over my stove, my couch and love seat and just about anything else I could think of cleaning with it. It really does have good cleaning power. Unfortunately, it’s steam time is not so great.

Yes, this steamer only provided me with 12 to 15 minutes of steam before I had to let it cool down, remove the lid, fill it back up and put the lid back on. It was kind of a pain and I wished it provided a longer steam time.

Overall, I think this unit is pretty good. While it didn’t provide the greatest steam time, it did produce super hot steam that could clean a variety of surfaces quickly and efficiently.

8.2 Total Score
Bottom Line

Ease of Use
  • Super hot steam
  • Useful accessories
  • Reasonably priced
  • Portable
  • Long cord
  • Hard to unscrew cap
  • Doesn't produce steam long enough
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